Date: Thursday 31 August 2017

From: Kieran

Subject: BT50 Rock sliders

Message Body: Please advise supply and delivery costs (with ETA) to Regency Park, SA

– BT50 XTR Dual Cab.

Hi Kieran,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Stealth Sliders to suit your BT-50 are $1799.00 and we can freight these for $220.00 to your door.

There is a 6-8 week manufacturing lead time on sliders and usually only takes around 3-6 days for delivery.

Date: Monday 28 August 2017

From: Iain

Subject: Ford Ranger Bashplate

Message Body: I have a Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2017 and live in Dubai, in the UAE.

I was wondering if the “FORD RANGER BASH PLATE AND RECOVERY POINT” would fit my vehicle and also how much it would cost in total to ship over to me?

Hi Iain,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes this will be suitable for your vehicle, below are the prices for freight and item listed separately.

The Engine & Gearbox Guard with Rated Recovery Point – $750

Freight with DHL – $376.37

Optional freight insurance is available and is charged at a further 3% of the invoice total.

Prices quoted are in AUD and for payment we accept PayPal or bank transfer.

If you have any further questions or wish to proceed with ordering please do not hesitate to reply directly to me.

Date: Saturday 8 August 2017

From: Neil

Subject: Engel Fridge

Message Body: I’m trying to fit a 32 or 40 litre engel next to a 95 Waeco both on drop down slides into the back of a 2 draw system in a Y62 Nissan Patrol.
What is the overall measurement of the width of these 2 units if mounted as close together as possible please?

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The DS40 is 520mm wide, The DS95 is 695mm wide. This does however include 10mm per side for protrusion of a series of 100m Nyloc nut.

The slides should be able to marry the Nyloc nut into each other giving back 10mm without too many issues.

This should give a total width of 1185mm with the 2 slides as close to each other as possible.

I hope this helps.

Date: Thursday 3 August 2017

From: Joel

Subject: Stainles Exhaust

Message Body: Hi mate im looking at getting a 3″inch stainles exhaust for my 2014 mn triton was looking at legendex system just wanted what would be best for power an sound.

Good morning Joel,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Legendex systems come in a variety of options from a full system, to straight through. The sound will vary depending on what style system you choose.

Date: Saturday 29 July 2017

From: Wayne

Subject: Diff

Message Body: Have recently bought an old 93 80 series landcruiser and needing to rebuild the diffs. What’s your suggestion on kits you have.

Hi Wayne.

We do a full rebuild fit for the front of your 80 series, unfortunately we do not do a kit for the rear.

Here is the link to our front kit.

Date: Tuesday 25 July 2017

From: Steve

Subject: Cargo drawers with fridge slide and wings for Ford Ranger

Message Body: Hi, I was wondering if you could email some prices regarding your drawer systems please?

Good Afternoon Steve.
We can supply the rear draws to suit you ford ranger from $1900-$2899 depending on the model and fetchers you require.
Please let me know what model ford ranger you have and we can find the best product to suit your needs.

Date: Tuesday 25 July 2017

From: Scott

Subject: Profender Shock

Message Body: Will that profender 2 inch remote reservoir smoothie shock fit a Nissan navara d22?

Hi Scott .
Those shocks are actually not available anymore, however if you can give me your open and closed lengths I could find you a similar size in our superior remote res shocks.

Date: Monday 24 July 2017

From: Darryl

Subject: 90 Series Prado

Message Body: Looking at doing up a 90 series Toyota Prado 4×4 diesel, and was wondering if you have ever heard of anyone fitting coil front suspension and old school Hilux or Surf solid diff assembly to one?

I guess I want to know if it is possible and if so what sort of cost would I be looking at for you guys to convert it for me?

Unfortunately we do not do those modifications here, best to talk to Buds Customs they do more of those conversions.

Date: Saturday 22 July 2017

From: Ben

Subject: Nissan gu patrol cool springs

Message Body: Hey mate.

I have a question about Nissan gu patrol cool springs.

At the moment I have 2″ raised Flexi coils front and rear (in when purchased the car) but having problems with them sagging under a load, also seem to sit lower than normal 2″ lift springs.

Would you have a recommendation of other coils to run with a steel bullbar/scrub bars with a winch, steel roof basket and a rear drawer set up?

I don’t do a lot of extreme off roading, just tow the camper and hit the tracks every now and then.

What would you recommend and what prices/ deals would you be able to do?

Good Morning Ben

Thank you for your enquiry into new 2” Lift Coil Springs for your GU Nissan Patrol.

Flex Coils by nature behave in the way you have described, which is why we no longer supply them with any of our kits.

We have stuck with Linear rate coils which ride better, handle load better and sit at their quote lift height a lot more accurately.

Going off your supplied information, your vehicle looks like this:

Steel Bullbar
Scrub Bars

Rear Drawers

Steel Roof Basket

I just need to know exactly which engine your Patrol has before I can accurately suggest which coils are best suited.

Also, do you have any other weight in the rear other than the drawers? Recovery Gear, Tools etc.?

Date: Friday 21 July 2017

From: Colin

Subject: Wheel Spacers

Message Body: Looking at the wheel spaces to suit the new landcruisers, why should I buy your product when snake racing say be careful to avoid cheaper product which could have inferior alloys, could you provide some info on your steel spaces and the product material strength.

Good Morning Colin

Thank you for your email enquiry regarding our Wheel Spacers to suit the new Landcruisers.

Our Wheel Spacers are manufactured from a 1045 Grade Carbon Steel, which has a typical Tensile Strength of 640Mpa, and a Yield Strength of 410Mpa.

This material is often used in Engineering Applications throughout the world in components such as Con-Rods in Industrial motors, Hydraulic Clamps and Pins, Studs, Shafts, Spindles etc.

We feel this material is more than adequate for wheel spacers.
A lot of other manufacturers use lesser quality Alloys for their wheel spacers, however we have avoided these cheaper materials in favor of manufacturing a quality component.

Date: Monday 10 July 2017

From: Shawn

Subject: Np300

Message Body: Np300 3 inch lift

Hi Shawn
We have been working very hard on the bigger kits for the np300, they are due to be released in the coming weeks. If you jump over to our Facebook page there is a teaser video you can check out.

Date: Saturday 8 July 2017

From: Steve

Subject: Ford everest

Message Body: Looking for front bash plate and recovery point, do you know if the ranger plate from superior would fit. They should be the same.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes the front and sump area of the Everest is the same as the Ranger, the gearbox area is slightly different and at this stage does not fit the Everest.

With this in mind I can sell you the front and sump guard with recovery point for $700.00 (+$200.00 Labour if we are installing).


Date: Friday 7 July 2017

From: Ross

Subject: Ironman Canopy

Message Body: Can you quote me on a Thermo – plas Iron Man Canopy for a 2017 Px-2 ranger Shadow Black, supply only , Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your email enquiry into an Ironman Thermoplas Canopy for your 2017 PXII Ford Ranger.

Yes we can supply this Canopy in Shadow Black as per your factory colour.

The Canopies retail for $2,950 inc GST (Colour Coding inclusive).

Freight to you is calculated based on your Post Code. IF you could please supply me with a shipping address I can generate an accurate freight cost.

Ironman have a shipment of these Canopies in Shadow Black due in Mid-August, so we should be able to arrange one for you.

Thank you again for your enquiry,
I look forward to hearing from you.

Date: Friday 7 July 2017

From: Abe

Subject: Triton

Message Body: I was put onto you guys by a mate at work. I’ve got a 2008 VR triton. Just llok at a 40mm or a 2inch lift for it. Either yours or the iron man. What do you suggest, and what do you charge for fitting?

Hi Abe

Thank you for your inquiry.

I highly recommend our Superior lift kit, they are a great quality kit using our own nitro gas shocks and EFS component’s. These kits are $1795 + 500 fitting.

Here is a link to our kit.×4-suspension/suspension-lift-kits/superior-nitro-gas-2-inch-lift-kit-mitsubishi-triton-ml-mn-29934?filter=126,355

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

Date: Thursday 6 July 2017

From: Aaron

Subject: Lift Kit

Message Body: 3-4-5 inch lift kits for a pj-pk for ranger.
Also diff drop kits to help with cv angles.

Good Morning Aaron

We don’t have any lift kits in 3-5 inch for the PJ-PK.
The suspension geometry does not allow for that level of ride height and maintain correct wheel alignment specs.

Date: Thursday 22 June 2017

From: Juan

Subject: ironman shackle kit

Message Body: for 2014 hilux, will you ship to el salvador?

Dear Juan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes we can arrange shipping to El Salvador.

If you would like to email me the parts you are interested in I will be able to send you a quotation including freight.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Date: Sunday 18 June 2017

From: Nathan

Subject: Diff Drop

Message Body: I have a Superior Engineering Diff Drop installed on my 2014 MY15 Isuzu Dmaz LSU Hi-Ride. Is the Ironman 4×4 Underbody Protection compatible with this diff drop.

Good morning Nathan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

I don’t believe the Ironman Underbody Protection kit will be compatible without modification and spacing, although I haven’t personally tried this combination.

Date: Sunday 28 May 2017

From: Michael

Subject: Bt50 2014 underbody fuel tank protection

Message Body: Hi guys

Do you also fit these? Or do you just sell the kits.

Good morning Michael,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes we can supply and fit a fuel tank guard to your 2014 Mazda BT-50

Do you still have the factory fitted fuel tank, or have you fitted an aftermarket long range tank?

Date: Tuesday 16 May 2017

From: Greg

Subject: Rear draw system for a 2009 colorado

Message Body: Price from the draw system please.
Will pick up live in Brisbane.

Good morning Greg,

Thank you for your enquiry.

There are two drawer options in the MCC range to suit your Colorado.

Fixed Top System – $1900

Sliding Top System – $2130

We can also provide a fitting service if you prefer.

Date: Monday 15 May 2017

From: Ryan

Subject: Superior Extended Shackles

Message Body: Hi there,
Just have a query regarding your product “Superior Extended Shackles 2 Inch Rear” product code 5123.
It says that these rear shackles fit Holden Rodeo RA (2003-2008) but my Holden Rodeo is a LT, 2005, 4WD version, will the shackles still fit if i purchased them?
Thanks Ryan.

Good Morning Ryan

The extended shackles you are after (5123) will fit your LT 2005 rodeo.
The LT is the trim level on the RA rodeo that ran in production from 2003-2008

Date: Monday 15 May 2017

From: Paul

Subject: Superior 40mm Lift Kit Holden Colorado

Message Body: Hi looking at getting a Superior 40mm Lift Kit Holden Colorado/Isuzu Dmax (Basic Kit). Just wondering if this is compatable with a Holden Colorado LTZ MY17 and I would require an extended rear shock and differential drop with this kit? Thank You.

Good Afternoon Paul

The kits we have listed on the website are all going to suit the 2017 LTZ with just a 40mm lift you will need an extended rear shock but not a diff drop.

Depending on the intended use the diff drop would be a good option to help prevent CV bind and premature failure.

I have attached the link to all the kits we have available for you.

Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

From: Liam

Subject: 06 jeep tj wrangler

Message Body: Hi, i have an 06 jeep tj wrangler and am in the market for a long arm kit for it as im going up to 4 inch lift and would like a more linear line of wheel travel and the short arms just wont cut it anymore as they will cause the rear and front axle to drive furthee under the car at full drop. Ive done some research and theres not many people in australia doing a kit. And as shipping is killer there is not much point importing one from the states. Stock lower arms are the length of gq patrol upper control arms. I have used your products in the past and was extremely happy with the quality of work. There would be a good market for locally made long arm kits. I would be more then happy to supply my wrangler for a kit to be made. Also, gq patrol arm bushs work in a wrangler with a small spacer either side of the bush and offer a more comfortable and smoother ride. Only the lower control arms would be long arms f ront and rear. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards.

Good Afternoon Liam

Thank you for your suggestion of a Long Arm Kit for the Jeep TJ Wrangler.

This is definitely a kit we are willing to look into for development and production.

As you have highlighted, there is a hole in the market for a locally manufactured kit of this kind here in Australia.

If you are happy to, we would like to have your car here for an hour or so one day so that our Research and Development team can look into the design of this Long Arm Kit?

Where-abouts are you based?

And when would be suitable for you to drop your Vehicle to us for a an initial look over?

As mentioned, we would require your vehicle for about an hour or so one week day to look over. During this initial inspection the R&D Team will determine a rough design idea, as well as an estimate of how many days we may need your vehicle for to undertake test fitting etc.

Once the Team have an idea, they will discuss with you how long they would need your TJ here for.
(This will be booked around you of course).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Date: Friday 12 May 2017

From: John

Subject: Price DS50

Message Body: Can you please provide a price for the DS50 drop down tray.

Good Morning John

Thank you for your email regarding the DS50 Drop Down Fridge Slides by MSA.

We have this slide available in a normal Drop Slide, and a Side Drop version.
Both variants of the DS50 cost $825ea.

The DS50 can be viewed at this link >>>

We currently have the regular DS50 (Product Code 24944) in stock and ready to go.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please do not hesitate to email me back directly or call (07) 5433 1411.

Date: Saturday 6 May 2017

From: James

Subject: Superior Panhard Rod

Message Body: I have a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser (US spec 200 series) I would like to verify fitment as well as get shipping quote on the Superior Panhard Rod Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Adjustable Rear. (United States)

Hi James,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes the panhard will suit your model, your cost would be $250

Freight charge with DHL would be $103.22.

Prices are in AUD and for payment we accept PayPal.

Date: Thursday 4 May 2017

From: John

Subject: : Iron man thermo-plas canopy

Message Body: Hi I am interested in an Iron man canopy, but need to know if the canopy will support a roof top tent @ 67kgs or will an internal support kit needed to be added cheers.

Good afternoon John,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Ironman4x4 Thermo-Plas canopies have an internal metal supporting frame and have roof rails rated at 80kg.

If I can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Date: Sunday 30 April 2017

From: Daniel

Subject: Ship to U.S.

Message Body: Was wondering if you guys ship to the states? Looking to get the MSA 4×4 Drawe system for an 80 series cruiser.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your enquiry.

It appears MSA don’t have a vehicle specific listing for the LC80 as yet, they do have the 1030 blank system that may just work. Below is link that has the measurements and some specifications that may help to determine if they are suitable or not for your particular needs.

If any of these will be suitable please let me know and I will look in to some freight options for you.

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017

From: Malcolm

Subject: Rear drawers

Message Body: Good evening.
Could you give me a quote for a set of rear drawers as advertised on the website for a 2014 Colorado twin cab fitted with a canopy.

Good morning Malcom,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Apologies for the delayed response.

We offer three different drawer systems for your model vehicle.

MCC has two options with either a fixed or sliding top, or the MSA system.

Was there a paticular set up you would like the quote on?

Date: Wednesday 26 April 2017

From: Ryan

Subject: Px ranger drawers

Message Body: Hi,
I’m looking to fit some drawers to my ranger.

I’m looking for a single drawer with a drop down fridge slide on top, next to that I want just a slide in the hole where the second draw would usually be.

With wings on both sides.

Would you be able to do this combination?

Also could you fit an arkpak battery box in the side under the wings?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The drawer combination you are after is made by a company that supplies it exclusively to ARB only.

Alternatively you could start with a single Ironman 1300mm drawer and have an interior company fitout the surrounds for similar money.

I hope this helps.

Date: Tuesday 18 April 2017

From: Kerry

Subject: Replacement small bottom mirror passenger side

Message Body: Is it possible to replace damaged small lower mirror in situ?

Hi Kerry,

The link attached is a tutorial on how to replace the small mirror.
It is far easier to do this “off the vehicle”.

We have spare parts available as follows:
Convex Mirror Glass $20
Convex Mirror Kit $30

Date: Sunday 16 April 2017

From: Adam

Subject: Bash plates with recovery point

Message Body: Hi guys,
Just after a quote for your bash plates with recovery point?

Hi Adam,

The bash plate and recovery guard is $825.
Freight would be free to Sydney. Click here.

3 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. I need a new cover for the roof top camper (that’s the one that goes on it when it is folded up the old one is black in colour) wear do I get one
    Cheers brad

    1. Good morning Brad,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      We can supply a cover to suit the Ironman4x4 range of roof top tents. They are $120 plus postage.

      If I can of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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