Legendex Performance Exhaust Systems

Features and Benefits

Legendex is Australia’s toughest stainless offroad four wheel drive exhaust system, in fact it is the only exhaust with an offroad warranty.

Legendex delivers serious grunt and rumble which means much more power, engine life and economy… all with that commanding presence and distinct sound that only the Legendex exhaust system delivers.

  • The ultimate 10 year offroad warranty
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Ceramic coated dump pipe with a massive 30% thicker tube
  • Heavy duty hangers & brackets
  • High-flow diesel specific catalytic converter
  • High-flow stainless packed muffler
  • Coated in 800 degree thermal paint

Up to 40% power gains when paired with a Legendex PCM your Legendex exhaust system will give you the maximum power gains.

You are guaranteed at least 10% gains with just the standard exhaust modification.

However we have seen 24% gains on the dyno and up to 40% with both exhaust and PCM modifications.

Easier and safer towing with the extra power takes the stress out of towing.

Hill climbs are super easy and safe, and now quick overtaking is back on the table… that extra power means safer manouvering.

Better fuel economy because your engine is more efficient which means it uses less fuel… typically 8-12% fuel savings is standard.

It won’t be long before your investment pays for itself.

Easy, Do It Yourself (DIY) fitment!

We test fit every Legendex exhaust system on our backs in the dirt. No hoist or jacks are required. No cutting or welding. No special mechanical skills or tools are required.

We only use the factory mount points and WE GUARANTEE A PERFECT FIT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Why Choose A Legendex Performance Exhaust System

Bred tough in the outback making it the toughest exhaust on the market.

Breaking an exhaust miles from anywhere can be an unpleasant experience – choking fumes, excessive noise and often a big loss of power. Constant vibrations from unsealed corrugations or offroad driving can be deadly on exhausts – cracking or breaking if they’re not built ultra-heavy-duty.

Legendex is the toughest exhaust out there.

  • 409 grade stainless mandrel-bent tube, sourced from the same mill that supplies Toyota, also used by Nissan.
  • Ceramic coated hand-crafted dump pipes built 30% thicker than other dump pipes.
  • The strongest heavy-duty brackets & hangers built to cradle the pipe & to absorb vibration.
  • 12mm thick turbo flange, low profile 2-bolt connector flanges for maximum clearances.
  • 800 degree thermal coating on the tube.
  • Heavy-duty diesel cats with high-flow 200 cell stainless cores (not ceramic) & heat shield.
  • Heavy-duty stainless mufflers with stainless-wool wrapped internals never need re-packing.

Greater power gains for improved towing and fuel economy.

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You are guaranteed to gain at least 10% power in the rev range where you need that extra torque – towing and climbing those big hills.

Less turbo lag and more responsive power.

When combined with the right tune, power gains are typically 20 to 35%. Most customers see fuel savings from 8-12%.

A Legendex exhaust will not void your new vehicle warranty – so it is the logical choice for easy power gains.

Reduced engine temperatures.

It’s a common complaint – engines over-heating when you are touring – but it needn’t be so.

The fact is stock exhausts restrict exhaust gas flow creating higher engine temps because the hot gas is not escaping as fast as it could. The engine works harder, is less efficient and that also drives up engine temps.

Legendex have ceramic coated dump pipes as standard. This coating insulates the engine bay from the exhaust heat by a reduction of 100-200 degrees C.

Plus, superior dump design and high-flow cats ensures the hot gasses are expelled more efficiently – the engine makes more power and operates cooler – great news if you’re towing uphill!

Legendex has an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty.

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The terms of a warranty are a good indication of how long the manufacturer thinks their exhaust will last – and under what sort of treatment – sealed road or offroad where the real 4wders go.

Because Legendex is built to outlast, we can confidently offer an unrivalled 10 Year Warranty.

Australia’s only offroad exhaust warranty… & the only transferable warranty.

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Most stock exhausts are not covered by warranty when you’re driving offroad. If you have an after-market exhaust you are not covered either… except if you have a Legendex.

Only Legendex carries a warranty that covers you offroad.

Legendex are so good they also carry Australia’s only transferable warranty – good news for your vehicle’s resale value.

Easy DIY bolt-on fit guaranteed.

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Legendex exhaust systems fit perfectly – just bolt-on to the factory mount points, guaranteed.

Other ‘heavy-duty’ exhausts require new mounts to be welded to your chassis and pan – that can cost you around 8 extra hours of professional labour to fit.

Legendex saves you big dollars in professional fitting time or, if you’re doing it DIY, you’ll avoid hours of extreme frustration.

Only Legendex has a 60 day satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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If you’re not entirely satisfied with your Legendex exhaust simply return it to us within 60 days for a full purchase price and outbound shipping refund.

No other exhaust manufacturer offers this satisfaction guarantee.

Australia’s Toughest 4WD Exhaust

We compared the new Legendex exhaust system with the next best heavy duty systems on the market.

The results are revealing… Lengendex is tougher and has over three times the life expectancy and durability.

These are the unique features that make Legendex the toughest:

Ceramic Coated Dump Pipes:

Rapidly transfers the high exhaust temperatures out of the engine bay for cooler engine operating temperatures, cooler air intake and greater power. The coating also greatly extends the durability and life of the dump pipe by reducing extreme heat cycling metal fatigue. The coating reduces the exterior temperature by 110-120c. Pyro (EGT) fittings in the dumps are standard. PLUS Legendex dumps are manufactured 30% thicker than other dump pipes.

409 Stainless Steel Tube:

Mandrel bent 409 stainless tube is the superior choice for exhausts. This OEM grade stainless steel delivers the best corrosion resistance PLUS maximum heat cycling tolerance. Higher grades of stainless don’t tolerate heat cycling – they get brittle and crack. Aluminised mild steel handles the heat-cycling but has inferior corrosion resistance as it melts and breaks down with high exhaust temperatures.

High-Spec High-Flow Catalytic Converters:

High flow diesel specific catalytic converters with 10yr warranty 200 cell stainless-core diesel catalytic converter built from stainless steel plus stainless heat-shield. The only cat in Australia that carries a 10 year warranty.

Ultra Strong Flat Bar Hangers:

We developed an exclusive 270 degree gripper system to absorb vibrations and using 5mm flat-bar hangers to be ultra-strong.

Polished Stainless Long Life Mufflers:

Heavy glass wool packing contained by stainless wool lagging inside the mufflers ensures they never need to be re-packed. In the cut-away photo above the stainless wool has been peeled back to show the stainless perforated tube beneath. Mufflers are straight through with all stainless internals prevents corrosion.

Ultra Strong Rod Hangers:

We developed a collar system for hangers using 12mm rod and a collar that wraps the tube. This collar absorb vibrations and strengthens the tube.

Double Braid Stainless Flex:

Many competitors only use flex bellows with a single-layer of braid. Our stainless bellows are sandwiched two-layers of stainless braid.

800 Degrees Thermal Paint:

The pipework and fittings have a thermal paint coating which is exhaust rated to 800 degrees celsius (1470 fahrenheit). This reduces heat transfer to the vehicle body and under-car equipment and adds another layer of corrosion resistance. Some brands use paint that is only rated to 600c degrees. Exhaust gasses typically peak greater than 650c. The aluminised coating on some other brands also begin to break down in temps over 600c – the aluminium begins to melt. This is never an issue with stainless.

Heavy Duty Flanges:

The 10mm thick flange system provides maximum strength and the low-profile 2-bolt system doesn’t suffer from the clearance issues that 4-bolt flanges can have.

Gaskets and Instructions:

Reinforced gaskets with pressed fire rings, detailed instructions, nuts, bolts and pyro plug.

Double Wall Heavy Duty Cartons:

The strongest cartons and individually wrapped components means your Legendex will arrive undamaged.


Tough Questions

Not all exhausts are make equal, so we talked to Barney Lewis at Genie to see why Legendex stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Question: Everyone is talking about needing a bigger exhaust for more power. What is the right size?

Yeah. There is a lot of misconceptions in the marketplace, the answer is simple… it really depends on your engine.

At Legendex we’ve tested different sizes to suit your engines.

We also keep in mind the different performance mods you may require in the future that will definitely benefit from bigger pipe sizes.

That’s why we can guarantee at least 10% more power.

Question: I’ve heard that an upgraded exhaust can make your four wheel drive cooler and have more power, how is this possible?

With a Legendex that’s possible because the hand-crafted ceramic coated dump pipes reduce the heat source in the engine bay by 200 degrees.

This adds power to the real driving range where it counts, perfect for towing or those long hill climbs.

Question: What should my exhaust be made from – Aluminised mild steel or 304 grade stainless?

Neither, the very best material for exhaust is 409 stainless steel.

Think of it as a hybrid between mild steel and 304 stainless.

409 was developed specially for exhausts by Toyota and Nissan.

It handles that heat cycling far better than 304 and the heat corrosion much better in the Legendex.

Question: How can Legendex offer an offroad warranty?

When we design our exhaust systems we tuck the pipe work up nice and high getting them out of the way for when you guys get offroad.

That’s why we can guarantee a 10 Year offroad warranty.

Question: Will Legendex void my factory warranty?

No. You can be confident it will not void your new car warranty.

Question: Can I easily fit the Legendex myself?

100% percent yes! You can be confident without the need of using a hoist or jack everything will bolt straight up to the original mounts without the need of welding, cutting or drilling.

This is how we guarantee you can fit it yourself or your money back.

Question: How wild does Legendex sound?

With the options of the Tourer or the Beserker you get real grunt and rumble which will put a smile on your dial.

Legendex Performance Table

There is a whole lot of confusion and some misleading information out there about after-market exhaust systems, so here is a comparison table on this cutom made, heavy-duty popular performance exhaust system. This table will give you all the hard facts about the Legendex system.

 Legendex by Genie STAINLESS
Warranty length10 Years onroad and offroad
Guaranteed power gainsYES
60-day satisfaction guaranteeYES
Transferable warrantyYES
Manufactured inAustralian
Tube materialOEM 409 Stainless
Tube size3" inch
Mandrel bent tubeYES
Thermal paint – exhaust ratedYES – 800c
Turbo flange12mm
Flange connections10mm
Heavy duty hangersExtra Heavy Duty
Dump ceramic coatedYES
Hi-flow CAT guaranteed10 Years
Heat shield on CATYES
Pyro/EGT fittingYES
Packing materialStainless and glass
Permanent packingYES
Bolt-on – No weldingYES
Easy DIY – No hoist requiredYES
Uses factory mount pointsYES
Fits with aftermarket modsMost
Bolts, nuts, gasketsYES
Installation instructions in packYES
Heavy duty cartonYES

Colour Key

Yellow = BEST
Green = GOOD
Silver = FAIR
Grey = POOR

Image Gallery

Ceramic Coated Dump Pipes
Ceramic Coated Dump Pipes

High-Spec High-Flow Catalytic Converters

High-Spec High-Flow Catalytic Converters

Ultra Strong Flat Bar Hangers

Ultra Strong Flat Bar Hangers

Super Strong Rod Hangers

Super Strong Rod Hangers

Polished Stainless Long Life Mufflers

Polished Stainless Long Life Mufflers

409 Stainless Steel Tube

409 Stainless Steel Tube

Gaskets and Instructions

Gaskets and Instructions

Double Braided Stainless Flex

Double Braided Stainless Flex


Will a Berserker pipe give me more power?
Maybe a small increase – but not sigificant. Our Legendex mufflers have a straight-through internal design which does not hinder flow. On the dyno there will be less than 1% difference between a Legendex system with a muffler versus a Berserker.
What is the sound difference with a Berserker?
The Berserker pipe is all about the sound – the warrior’s roar – like the ancient berserker warrior. He sounds tough and intimidating but not as loud as you might think. The turbo does a lot of silencing and a berserker system is not offensively loud – and is only really distinctive when your fang it. A berserker pipe is a no-muffler pipe that replaces the muffler pipe, or a no-cat section of pipe that would normally have a catalytic converter. They are intended for offroad use only.
What does a Legendex muffler system sound like?
It’s known as the Legendex rumble. Women love it and blokes want to sound like it. A few decibels louder than the stock system but with that note of menace that we secretly love. Have a listen and compare for yourself on our Grunt & Rumble page.
Which upgrade should I do first – PCM/chip or exhaust?
If you not doing them both together (the best ooption) what goes first?
Each mod produces good power gains on their own. A chip usually gains a bit more than the exhaust. But doing the chip on its own causes the engine to run richer and hotter. Exhaust is the mod to do first because the engine runs cooler and more economically. 
Will installing these mods void my new car warranty?
No. You have every right to install upgrades and accessories on your vehicle and the manufacturer can not void your warranty simply because you have installed a product. Under Australian consumer law the manufacturer must prove that any damage claimed for under the warranty was directly caused by the upgrade or accessory.
The Legendex PCM (Power Command Module) operates within your engine’s factory safety parameters so it will not void your factory warranty. Plus you’re additionally covered by the 5 Year Legendex offroad Warranty. That is additional cover for your engine and drive train for 2 years and the module itself for 5 years.
The Legendex exhausts carry a 10 Year offroad Warranty. With a Legendex exhaust your engine runs cooler and produces power more efficiently and so enhances the life of your engine. Many new car dealers are installing our Legendex exhausts as optional extras on new vehicles.
Can I install the exhaust/PCM/other products myself?
Yes, definitely. All our products are genuine DIY. Easy to follow illustrated instructions are provided. No specialist tools or skills are required.
Why do you use 409 grade Stainless Steel?
409 Stainless Steel is the superior choice for your exhaust systems … 409 offers the best combination of both long life, corrosion resistance and heat cycle endurance. This is endorsed by the fact that most vehicle manufacturers choose 409 stainless for their factory exhaust systems. In fact we purchase our 409 tube from the same mill that supplies Toyota.
Aluminized Mild Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel … which is better?
Aluminised mild steel is an adequate product for automotive exhaust applications – but 409 stainless is the best. Both offer excellent heat resistance and both can be easily welded. 409 offers more corrosion resistance than aluminised which has less resistance to exhaust gasses. The aluminising process requires the mild steel be hot-dip coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy containing between 5 and 11% silicon to promote better adherence. Both aluminium and silicon have a low relative melting point and the coating is degraded over time by the exhaust heat. Because the corrosion resistance of aluminised steel is only a very thin coating, it can be damaged, but the corrosion resistant properties of 409 stainless are inherent throughout the metal.
Mild steel exhausts are about half the price – are they better value?
No, not in our opinion. A mild steel exhaust only carries a short warranty – if any at all. That’s because the manufacturer doesn’t expect it to last. In harsh conditions mild steel can rust to the point of breaking in 1-2 years. You could go through 3 or more mild steel exhausts in the life of one Legendex exhaust. The mild steel ends up costing much more than the Legendex exhaust.
304 Stainless Steel vs 409 Stainless Steel … which is better?
409 is a titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel which means that it is a steel alloy containing chromium. It contains less nickel and more carbon than 304 stainless steel. Ferritics are best suited for high temperature applications that require corrosion resistance and high strength. The principal use of 409 stainless steel is automotive exhaust systems and most catalytic converter shells are made of 409. More workable and stable than 304, 409 will accept bending and heat cycling better than 304. 409 resists both atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion. It is magnetic due to its higher carbon content. Through chemical reaction, it oxidizes to a slight brownish hue which aids in corrosion resistance. While it does not polish well, it offers the advantages of higher strength and longer life due to its tolerance of heat cycling. Be sure to ask for 409 Stainless for your exhaust system to get the best combination of both long life, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. 409 grade chemical composition specs
If this is stainless steel why is it magnetic?
It is commonly believed that stainless steel is not magnetic. This is true of grades of stainless that have a high content on chromium (such as 304 or 316 stainless steel) but 409 grade stainless steel is magnetic due to its higher carbon content.
I can see a tan or brown on the 409 stainless – is that rust?
No. Through chemical reaction, the surface of 409 sometimes oxidizes to a slight brownish hue. This oxidized layer actually aids in corrosion resistance. Under normal operating circumstances 409 will never rust out like mild steel.
Can I take my 4WD on the beach with my Genie stainless exhaust system?
In short, at your own risk. The ONLY grade of stainless steel that will not rust when exposed to salt water is 316 marine grade stainless (but even 316 will rust eventually). It is not practical to build 4wd exhaust systems from 316 grade stainless. Any lesser grade of stainless than 316 WILL rust sooner or later when exposed to salt water (and salt-laden sand flung up onto the vehicle from driving on the beach). Exposure to salt water voids any Legendex warranty for corrosion related damage. If you do drive on the beach we strongly recommend that you thoroughly wash your exhaust system with fresh water after each exposure. Failure to do so will risk rusting your 409 grade stainless steel exhaust – and worse, it may jeopardize your safety by rusting your vehicle’s frame, suspension, bearings and body pan – all of which are more susceptible to rust than the 409 stainless.
Are Legendex 4WD systems totally stainless?
We use the best materials for the job. That means most components are made from 409 stainless steel. We use polished 304 grade stainless for the mufflers cases and some exhaust tips (where heat is not a problem). Where heat is a major issue (like turbo dumps) we use ceramic-coated 409 stainless steel for better durability and rapid heat transfer out of the engine bay.
What’s the benefit of ceramic-coated dump pipes?
The ceramic coating on our dump pipes improves your engine performance. It does this by reducing engine bay temperatures. The coating not only insulates, it rapidly transfers the exhaust heat through the exhaust and out of the engine bay. Typically the outer temperature of a ceramic coated dump pipe will be 120-200 degrees celsius cooler than without the coating. Cooler engine bay temperatures means cooler intake temperatures which significantly improves engine performance and promotes longer engine life. The coating also keeps your dump pipe looking great.
Are your cats high-flow?
Yes. Some people have been told that cats with only 100 cells per square inch have a higher potential flow rate than 200 cell cats. This is true if the cats are the same size (total area in square inches) but our 200 cell cats have a much larger area – and so they flow better. A better flow is about the right flow, the right resistance for the turbo, and bigger is not always faster flow. See also “What are the benefits of a cat” below.
Do I need a cat?
You are required to have a catalytic converter on your vehicle if your vehicle originally came for the manufacturer with one installed. Vehicles that never had a cat are exempt. The only other exception is for offroad use – where the heat retained in the cat can be a fire risk (eg: when stopping the vehicle in long grass) and many farmers opt to have no cat for this reason.
What are the benefits of a cat?
We encourage you to have a cat installed because of the emission benefits and because we strategically position our cats to enhance the flow dynamics – reducing the chance of turbo over spooling – and there is minimal effect on performance with our high-flow cats. Dyno tests have demonstrated the loss of less than 2% power (2-3 horsepower) with a Legendex exhaust with cat installed versus a Legendex exhaust with no cat.
Are your cats Euro spec compliant?
Yes. Legendex only uses diesel specific cats that are compliant to the latest Euro specs.
How long will your cats last?
Many exhaust manufacturer only warranty their cats for 1-2 years, if at all. Legendex cats carry a 10 year warranty. Cats are an expensive component of an exhaust system and there are many cheap versions used – including petrol cats and mild steel cats with ceramic cores which have a relatively short life. Legendex cats have stainless cores – they are stainless inside and out and include a stainless heat shield. They have to be the best to carry the Legendex 10 year warranty. 
What’s inside your stainless mufflers
Many imported so-called stainless mufflers have a stainless outer case but have mild steel internals which quickly rust out. Legendex mufflers ONLY have stainless steel internals and will never rust out. Other mufflers only have fibreglass wool packing inside and will require repacking because the fibreglass gets sucked out through the exhaust over time – typically between 2-3 years. Legendex have stainless wool internal wrapping which ensures the packing will last the full 10 years warranty.
How easy are Legendex systems to fit?
Legendex are a DIY product and are guaranteed to fit perfectly – or your money back. That means you won’t need to cut, weld, alter mounting points like with other supposedly DIY systems. We use the factory mounting points. You don’t need a hoist or jack – we test fit every exhaust on our backs in the dirt. Most other brands require a workshop hoist to fit and so are not true DIY (unless you have your own workshop hoist). We are proud of our reputation of building systems that fit better and easier than other after-market exhaust systems. And we are constantly re-developing our existing product range for even easier fitting and to be compatible with more and more aftermarket suspension kits and long-range fuel tanks. Your Legendex exhaust comes with detailed illustrated instructions that make installation even easier.

Legendary Tough. The Last Exhaust You’ll Ever Need! (By Genie Performance Exhausts)

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4WD Drag Link And Steering Arms

Today we are checking out the heavy duty Superior Engineering Comp Spec 4340M Drag Link Steering Arms.

Design Objectives

These fully adjustable 4340M Drag Links have been custom designed and manufactured for the MK/MQ/GQ/GU Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser 40/45/47/60/75/78/79/80/105 Series four wheel drive vehicles.

The problem with standard hollow bar Drag Links is that they can bend if hit from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, debris and bumps.

This is the main cause for premature failure of your vehicles steering arms.

These NEW steering arms are designed to safely absorb and deflect impact energy from any heavy contact made on any solid object while driving offroad.

The difference with this new design over the standard Drag Link is Superior are the only company to use the high tensile 4340M Super Solid Bar that is CNC machined to exact tolerances to create the toughest steering arms available.

This makes Superior Engineering’s 4340M Drag Links “The Strongest Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser Steering Rods in the World”.


Drag Links are also commonly known in the 4×4 industry as steering rods or steering arms but here at “4×4 Accessories Online” we like to call them “Rock Rods”.

Superior used to use the 4140 solid high tensile steel for their Nissan and Toyota comp spec steering rods and these were unbeleivably strong.

However, the engineers over at Superior Engineering decided to “Up The Stakes” even further due to the competition getting closer with new products.

Hence, the 4340M Drag Link was born!

The 4340M range has now put them miles in front of the competition once again, leaving everyone else scrambling to keep up.

With these 4340M Drag Links you will get the same gear the professionals are using.

Ideal for the serious or hardcore four wheel driver, or if you just want piece of mind you won’t bend or damage your steering rods.

These Superior Drag Links are a small investment for a lifetime of protection for your four wheel drive steering system.

100% Guarantee that these Drag Links are stronger than your original or any other aftermarket Drag Links going around!

Technical Features

  • Manufactured from solid 4340M Super Solid Bar (used to be 4140 grade bar)
  • The Authentic Superior Engineering Logo is machined into the side of Arms
  • They are sand blasted and coated with premium rust prevention applied
  • Includes 7 step SA5 Zinc anti-corrosion finish for maximum durability and life
  • 4340M high tensile grade bar will not bend unlike the competitors rock rods who use bright or plain mild steel
  • Comes with top quality heavy duty tie rod ends
  • Each rod is CNC machined to ensure complete accuracy in the threads
  • Guaranteed maximum protection against the elements such as dirt and water

Video Highlights

Installation & What’s Included

The Drag Links come ‘Ready to Fit’. When you buy these 4340M solid bar Drag Links you receive everything you need to fit it to your truck.

Adjustable and replaceable tie rod ends are supplied with the draglink.

You are also supplied with a bolt-on steering damper bracket (as standard) to suit your particular model 4WD.

Superior Engineering believe if it is a required item, it should be included in the price, NOT as an optional extra!

They are also supplied with a set of detailed fitting instructions.

Top 6 FAQ’s

Are these the strongest Drag Links in Australia?
Yes. We believe these steering arms are the strongest in the Australian market and maybe even the entire world.
Are these Street Legal in Australia?
Yes. These drag links are street legal within Australia and DO NOT require separate approvals to be used on public roads.
What warranty do they have?
All Superior 4340M Comp Spec steering draglinks come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and a World Excluse Limited Lifetime Warranty against bending.
Is there a warranty against bending them?
Yes. Superior Engineering now offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Bending a Comp Spec 4340M Rock Rod. If you bend the rod, Superior Engineering will at their discrection either replace or straighten the rod. The Customer must pay freight and any other costs of removing or refitting the rod for Superior Engineering to perform the warranty.
Does the Superior Drag Link come as a complete kit ready to fit?
Yes. They are supplied with the heavy duty Tie Rod Ends and bolt-on steering damper bracket.
Are replacement parts available if I damage these draglinks?
Yes. All the spare parts are available including the Tie Rod ends, steering damper brackets and rubber boots.


Heavy duty drag link, panhard rod and damper setup
Heavy duty Superior drag link and panhard rod 4wd setup
Superior 4340M drag link with steering damper and bracket
4340M drag link with Amadaxtreme steering damper, bracket and panhard rod setup
Closeup view of the 4340M drag link setup on an instore display stand
End view of the 4340M drag link and panhard rod setup on an instore display stand
Heavy duty tierod end
A single heavy duty 4340M Drag Link

Summary & Wrap Up

Just to recap, all Superior Engineering Comp Spec 4340M Drag Links are Australian made and manufactured from premium Australian grade steel rod bar, then CNC machined to exact tolerances to create the toughest steering rods available.

Even the Superior logo is CNC machined in the steering rod to ensure you’re getting a true quality GENUINE component.

These rods are sand blasted and zinc coated for maximum durability and the highest quality finish.

Designed to suit lifts from 2″ to 6″ inches.

The Superior Engineering Drag Links are available to suit to MK/MQ/GQ/GU Nissan Patrol’s and 40/45/47/60/75/78/79/80/105 Series Toyota Landcruiser’s in most configurations.

Don’t get Bitten by purchasing a lower quality, imitation Steering Rod or a cheap Chinese import.

If you care about your safety and the safety of your family or if you’re serious about driving your truck hard, then you need a Superior 4340M Competition Spec Drag Link!

Go with a SUPERIOR ENGINEERING Drag Link and Steer with Confidence.

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