4WD Drag Link Steering Arm

4WD Drag Link And Steering Arms

Today we are checking out the heavy duty Superior Engineering Comp Spec 4340M Drag Link Steering Arms.

Design Objectives

These fully adjustable 4340M Drag Links have been custom designed and manufactured for the MK/MQ/GQ/GU Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser 40/45/47/60/75/78/79/80/105 Series four wheel drive vehicles.

The problem with standard hollow bar Drag Links is that they can bend if hit from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, debris and bumps.

This is the main cause for premature failure of your vehicles steering arms.

These NEW steering arms are designed to safely absorb and deflect impact energy from any heavy contact made on any solid object while driving offroad.

The difference with this new design over the standard Drag Link is Superior are the only company to use the high tensile 4340M Super Solid Bar that is CNC machined to exact tolerances to create the toughest steering arms available.

This makes Superior Engineering’s 4340M Drag Links “The Strongest Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruiser Steering Rods in the World”.


Drag Links are also commonly known in the 4×4 industry as steering rods or steering arms but here at “4×4 Accessories Online” we like to call them “Rock Rods”.

Superior used to use the 4140 solid high tensile steel for their Nissan and Toyota comp spec steering rods and these were unbeleivably strong.

However, the engineers over at Superior Engineering decided to “Up The Stakes” even further due to the competition getting closer with new products.

Hence, the 4340M Drag Link was born!

The 4340M range has now put them miles in front of the competition once again, leaving everyone else scrambling to keep up.

With these 4340M Drag Links you will get the same gear the professionals are using.

Ideal for the serious or hardcore four wheel driver, or if you just want piece of mind you won’t bend or damage your steering rods.

These Superior Drag Links are a small investment for a lifetime of protection for your four wheel drive steering system.

100% Guarantee that these Drag Links are stronger than your original or any other aftermarket Drag Links going around!

Technical Features

  • Manufactured from solid 4340M Super Solid Bar (used to be 4140 grade bar)
  • The Authentic Superior Engineering Logo is machined into the side of Arms
  • They are sand blasted and coated with premium rust prevention applied
  • Includes 7 step SA5 Zinc anti-corrosion finish for maximum durability and life
  • 4340M high tensile grade bar will not bend unlike the competitors rock rods who use bright or plain mild steel
  • Comes with top quality heavy duty tie rod ends
  • Each rod is CNC machined to ensure complete accuracy in the threads
  • Guaranteed maximum protection against the elements such as dirt and water

Video Highlights

Installation & What’s Included

The Drag Links come ‘Ready to Fit’. When you buy these 4340M solid bar Drag Links you receive everything you need to fit it to your truck.

Adjustable and replaceable tie rod ends are supplied with the draglink.

You are also supplied with a bolt-on steering damper bracket (as standard) to suit your particular model 4WD.

Superior Engineering believe if it is a required item, it should be included in the price, NOT as an optional extra!

They are also supplied with a set of detailed fitting instructions.

Top 6 FAQ’s

Are these the strongest Drag Links in Australia?
Yes. We believe these steering arms are the strongest in the Australian market and maybe even the entire world.
Are these Street Legal in Australia?
Yes. These drag links are street legal within Australia and DO NOT require separate approvals to be used on public roads.
What warranty do they have?
All Superior 4340M Comp Spec steering draglinks come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects and a World Excluse Limited Lifetime Warranty against bending.
Is there a warranty against bending them?
Yes. Superior Engineering now offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Bending a Comp Spec 4340M Rock Rod. If you bend the rod, Superior Engineering will at their discrection either replace or straighten the rod. The Customer must pay freight and any other costs of removing or refitting the rod for Superior Engineering to perform the warranty.
Does the Superior Drag Link come as a complete kit ready to fit?
Yes. They are supplied with the heavy duty Tie Rod Ends and bolt-on steering damper bracket.
Are replacement parts available if I damage these draglinks?
Yes. All the spare parts are available including the Tie Rod ends, steering damper brackets and rubber boots.


Heavy duty drag link, panhard rod and damper setup
Heavy duty Superior drag link and panhard rod 4wd setup
Superior 4340M drag link with steering damper and bracket
4340M drag link with Amadaxtreme steering damper, bracket and panhard rod setup
Closeup view of the 4340M drag link setup on an instore display stand
End view of the 4340M drag link and panhard rod setup on an instore display stand
Heavy duty tierod end
A single heavy duty 4340M Drag Link

Summary & Wrap Up

Just to recap, all Superior Engineering Comp Spec 4340M Drag Links are Australian made and manufactured from premium Australian grade steel rod bar, then CNC machined to exact tolerances to create the toughest steering rods available.

Even the Superior logo is CNC machined in the steering rod to ensure you’re getting a true quality GENUINE component.

These rods are sand blasted and zinc coated for maximum durability and the highest quality finish.

Designed to suit lifts from 2″ to 6″ inches.

The Superior Engineering Drag Links are available to suit to MK/MQ/GQ/GU Nissan Patrol’s and 40/45/47/60/75/78/79/80/105 Series Toyota Landcruiser’s in most configurations.

Don’t get Bitten by purchasing a lower quality, imitation Steering Rod or a cheap Chinese import.

If you care about your safety and the safety of your family or if you’re serious about driving your truck hard, then you need a Superior 4340M Competition Spec Drag Link!

Go with a SUPERIOR ENGINEERING Drag Link and Steer with Confidence.

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