MCC 4x4 Falcon Bullbar

MCC 4×4 Falcon Bullbar

You simply won’t find any tougher front on vehicle protection than an MCC 4×4 Falcon Bullbar.

This premium style bar is available to suit most makes and models of 4×4 vehicles. MCC 4×4 premium bull bars are designed to offer the maximum level of protection and come with the most extensive available options. These bullbars are loaded with features and are a highly functional.

Made for offroaders who demand strong, heavy duty, functional equipment who also don’t want to give up the good looks.

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Bullbar Highlights

New fog light design comes with a unique shape of plastic framed over the fog lights. Incorporated with bigger fog lights suitable for poor weather conditions.

New Fog Light Design for the MCC 4x4 Falcon Bullbar

The MCC 4×4 Falcon bar and the vast majority of MCC bars incorporate two CB aerial brackets, welded behind the top cross tube. Allowing for vehicle mounted aerials to be used when traveling in remote areas where communication is vital.

The Falcon Bullbar comes with two CB aerial brackets

MCC’s mounting systems are designed to spread impact and winching loads evenly over the vehicle chassis, ensuring the bull bar functions properly in extreme conditions and circumstances.

This Bullbars mounting system has been designed to spread impact

The Falcon MCC bull bar design incorporates a T Hi-Lift Jack to be inserted directly into the bar and eliminating the need for a mounting bracket. These points also enable easier access to the clutch lever when unspooling the winch cable before winching.

The Falcon MCC bull bar design incorporates T Hi-Lift Jack points

Spotlight mounting points are located at the proper positions to enhance your driving vision.

The MCC 4x4 Falcon bullbar comes with spotlight mounting points

Each MCC Falcon Bull Bar upright is cut from a single piece of quality steel and extends from the top tube through the bumper section and actually forms part of the chassis mount. You can ensure the whole outer frame receives the maximum support possible.

The MCC 4x4 Falcon bullbar is cut from a single piece of quality steel

Also fitted is a Polyurethane cushion for better protection against small bumps and impacts.

The bar is fitted with a Polyurethane cushion for small bumps

MCC has designed a separate winch bed for the winch to avoid overloading the outer bumper structure.

Separate winch bed is standard on the Falcon bar

The split air pan system ensures the radiator receives a massive amount of airflow and actually helps to further increase the strength of the bull bar.

The split air pan system on the Falcon bar improves airflow to the engine bay

The “MCC 4×4 Logo” is embeded into the bull bar. This is the guarantee of high quality and unique design. All of MCC products have been designed with the latest CAD software while also utilising the most modern equipment and machinery such as CNC laser cutting, bending, machining and turning, powder coating and spray painting.

The MCC 4x4 Logo on the Falcon bull bar guarantees high quality

Bullbar Features:

  • Airbag and winch compatible bracket
  • Stainless steel grade 304 / Triple loops design
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Dual hi-lift jacking points
  • Driving light mounts
  • Parker and indicator lights
  • Over rider protection
  • Fog lights 125 mm. / HB4 OEM high quality standard
  • High quality materials
  • Multi fold tapered wing design for optimum strength
  • Split pan design provides increased strength and airflow to the engine
  • Steel centre frame tube and outer frame tube for added strength

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12 thoughts on “MCC 4×4 Falcon Bullbar”

  1. I have the falcon bar with round daytime and indicator lights one has stopped working now do you sell these

    1. Good Morning Chrisie

      Thank you for your enquiry into our MCC Falcon Bullbars.

      Unfortunately, these Bullbars do not come with incorporated recovery points.
      What model vehicle are you hoping to fit the Bullbar to? We do have a large range of front recovery points in stock to suit most popular 4wds.

      Please let me know your vehicle details and I will advise whether or not we have a suitable recovery point option for you.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Which exact bar is it and for what car so I can check with our supplier if I’m able to get this part for you on
      Its own, even a photo of the bar would be a great start to send them so we can make sure when he checks it.

      Many Thanks,



  2. Is there any instructions on mounting winches to his bar? Is there a certain type of winch that has to be fitted? Is there a mounting bracket needed?

    1. Hi Jason,

      The bullbar mounting plate and bullbar already have the required mounting points for the winch, in saying that you may still need to drill a hole or 2 depending on the specific winch and fairlead.

      Most conventional 9,000Lb and 12,000Lb low mount winches (Ironman, Mean Mother, V.R.S & Warn) will fit these bullbars, some may require the gearbox end of the winch rotated to enable smooth operation of the gearbox lever.

      The bullbar will have instructions enclosed with a generic winch fitment guide, the winch will also have more winch specific instructions.

      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.



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